Examples Art, Architecture and Construction

Office Building VR-Bank Krefeld

The UHPC facade is produced by Benno Drössler GmbH & Co Bauunternehmen KG in Siegen, Germany. The client is the Volksbank Krefeld eG,  the design is performed by  Gerber Architects. The new building in Krefeld is occupied in the spring of 2015.

VR Bank Krefeld

Office Building Ferchau

The contractor for the UHPC facade is Benno Drössler GmbH & Co Bauunternehmen KG in Siegen. The client is FFI Frank Ferchau Immobilien, the design is by Gerber Architects. The new building in Gummersbach was occupied in the autumn of 2011.

Ferchau Totale

Bullet Resistant Facades

Bullet resistant facades can be performed using the recipe durcrete ‘shot’. With a thickness of 7 cm, no piercing or spalling will happen under impact of sniper fire with caliber 7.92 x 51 mm (class 7 acc. EN 1063 oder EN 1522/1523). The thin panel design is particularly suitable for retrofitting. Panels can be delivered from Germany or produced in a local prefab plant. More Infos see www.durcrete.de/downloads/.

shooting test at concrete panel

Facades with laminated foils

A simple method of relocating sales from downstream trades like plaster, tiles, coatings and claddings toward the precast plant is to coat or laminate the concrete surfaces with special foils. Durcrete and Prilhofer Consulting (www.prilhofer.com) have specialized in this field of added value and are advising prefab plants on this new topic in the whole world.

Mit Folie beklebter Beton

Highway Bridges

Upgrading of a highway bridge in Austria by use of NANODUR® concrete. The ready mixed concrete was delivered with a truck mixer. The scientific monitoring was carried out by the Institute of Structural Concrete, Graz University of Technology, Prof. Nguyen Viet Tue. More information see article in “Beton- und Stahlbetonbau”, 2/2015.

Brücke mit UHPC-Deck

Parabolic Shells for DESERTEC

The Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Ruhr University in Bochum designed and builded this shell for a parabolic trough power plant, driven by the thermal power of the sun. More infos see www.massivbau-kl.de. Download of the PHD-Theses in German at Dissertation_Mueller. Link to a video, which shows the prototyp in motion at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_UhI2Kvlgg.


Recirculation Aqua Culture

Green Aqua Farming develops recirculation aqua culture for sea fish and shrimps made of Ultra High Performance Concrete -UHPC. The picture shows the erection of a 35m long, two storied shrimp basin. The construction developped by Benno Drössler GmbH & Co KG is glued and the concrete has no additional lining. Details see www.greenaquafarming.de.


Facing Boards

The parapet elements of 8 mm thickness for this multifamily dwelling were installed in the summer of 2008 in exchange for the burst glass panels. The left parts of the elements were reinforced with steel fibers, the right parts are free from fibers. No cracking due to temperature, frost, impact etc. had occured within the last 10 years.