Elements Made of Cement Concrete

Ultra High Performance Concrete –UHPC-

Durcrete elements are made out of the most extraordinary concrete of the future: Ultra High Performance Concrete or UHPC for short.
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Depending on the application in machinery business, the self compacting cement based concretes are free from plastics, fibers and reinforcement. The casting compound is mixed with water, poured into a mold and does not need vibration. Setting takes place without heating; solvents are not necessary and the concrete can be recycled without any problem. Our structural components are used in machinery business, e.g. as massive machine beds made out of mineral cast or as hybrid or sandwich constructions filled with a casting mix.


Machine Beds Made Of UHPC

Machine beds, handling units, testing tables and other technical applications make use of the extraordinary damping characteristic of the material. The pure mineral, non-combustible mix can be poured into many forms. The mineral cast can subsequently be cut, drilled, grinded, filled in, or painted. Embedded parts like steel rails or threaded sleeves can be cast in or glued. In a downstream processing step, the components are machined to highest precision by grinding the concrete or by milling the steel plates. The material is suitable for air bearings. Manufacturing takes place in specialized production plants. The machine beds are designed object-specific and individually. The work includes mold construction, embedded parts, coating and precision machining.

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Durfill Casting Compound

The casting compound durfill is the solution for your hybrid or sandwich constructions. Vibrations are damped and the eigen­frequency selectively influenced when welded sheet steel or cast iron beds are filled with this self compacting casting compound. To save transport costs, processing can take place either in the welding shop or during precision machining. Durfill is delivered in a dry state by tank truck or in paper bags. After mixing it with water, it can be pumped into the component. The cement-bound mineral cast durfill can be processed as a Do-It-Yourself material by the customer. We also connect qualified manufacturing shops which produce the complete machine component including precision machining, coating and assembling.


Design and Consulting for UHPC

The high strength concrete recipe used by durcrete is based on the binder NANODUR® by the Italian/German cement producer Buzzi Unicem Group/Dyckerhoff GmbH. On behalf of Dyckerhoff GmbH, durcrete also provides consultation for production facilities where the production of machine components made out of UHPC mineral cast is planned for the future in order to have an easy and environmentally friendly application. Durcrete gives advice to recipes as well as to plant construction.

Machine manufacturers are supported by durcrete with consultation and technical data about UHPC so that the engineering department can come up with quick results. We connect with design, construction and engineering offices.

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Application of UHPC in art, architecture, building construction, civil engineering and research

Durcrete is primarily concerned with application-ready solutions for UHPC as a cementitious mineral cast in machinery business. NANODUR® – UHPC has a lot of applications in other fields of interest. We show some fascinating examples and connect you with the cement supplier Dyckerhoff, with production companies, but also with suppliers for small quantities of ready-mix-material.