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Dyckerhoff GmbH is one of the major cement manufacturers in Germany and is part of the Italian Buzzi Unicem Group. Dyckerhoff owes its successful position on the market in particular to its special products.
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Durcrete, convinced of the unique binder concept of NANODUR®, has been focusing exclusively on this special binder since 2011. Both partners collaborate closely within the scope of a consultancy and sales representative agreement for the purpose of promoting the application and knowledge of binders for ultra high performance concretes UHPC. The company durcrete GmbH provides consultation for Dyckerhoff NANODUR® users in the design of recipes, material purchase, mixing technology, test methods, calculations, and the conception of production facilities.

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VARIODUR® and UHPC-Additive

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The Nanodur binder is particularly impressive because of its high tensile strength before initial cracking (modulus of rupture) and the excellent bond of fibers into the cement paste. If the compressive strength needs to be maximized, we recommend local binders with a the special UHPC-Additive. The material is a cement and works best with a basic cement based on slag. No silica fume or metakaolin is required. UHPC-Additive is delivered already quality-controlled, so that the testing effort of the concrete manufacturer for monitoring of additives is significantly reduced and thus economical solutions are possible. Self-compacting as well as vibration-resistant mixtures are possible. We are an official sales partner of Dyckerhoff for the products VARIODUR and UHPC-Additive outside of Europe.


Dyckerhoff GmbH, in developing the NANODUR® Compound, has developed a premium binder that, apart from the ultrafine cement components from the MIKRODUR® technology, already contains pozzolans based on synthetic silicic acid for hydration control. Combined with quartz flour, the binder NANODUR® Compound 5941 is created. With it, UHPC can be produced with standard aggregates in conventional mixing plants. All ultrafine particles < 1 mm are thus, independent of the wet mixing process of the UHPC, intensively homogenized as powder in a high-performance mixer with cutter heads. In this manner, the aimed for dense packing is reliably realized in the dry mix. The binder is delivered in paper bags or bigbags and processed in the concrete plant in the same manner as cement.