NANODUR® UHPC for Machines

NANODUR® for Machines

Machine beds and bases made of NANODUR® UHPC

Concrete Plant International 02/2017

Article in CPI 02/2017 about ‘Machine parts made of concrete bound with cement’

Concrete Plant International 03/2017

Article in CPI 02/2017 about ‘Opening a plant for UHPC machine frames in China’

Recipe/Formulation for machinery industry

Data sheet with supply sources with all admixtures for the standard recipe in machinery applications.

Embedded Parts for Machine Beds

Catalog of embedded parts for use in machine beds, produced by Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH, Germany


NANODUR® UHPC for Façades

Concrete Engineering International 08/2020

Article in CEI 08/2020 about ‘UHPC shading elements create an iconic buidling in Qatar’. Other articles about the Manateq project in the PCI-Journal, CPI Concrete Plant International and CI Cement International are available at request.

Façades with Nanodur UHPC

FAQ to façades with panels made of NANODUR® Ultra High Performance Concrete

Façades Shot-resistant with Nanodur UHPC

Description of the façade systems durcrete ‘shot’ with 70 mm slenderness, resistant against solid-core sniper ammunition; excerpts of test reports with protection against shot, burglary and explosion.

Casting Compound durfill

durfill casting compound

Machine beds filled with the high strength grout durfill

durfill material data sheet

Material data, supply sources, system partners, installation instructions

durfill Pricelist

Prices and terms of delivery

UHPC Additive

UHPC-Additive Brochure

Brochure about durcrete® UHPC-Additive, an economical additive for concretes with high strength, densitity and resistance.

UHPC-Additive Price List

Price List about durcrete® UHPC-Additive.

Dyckerhoff GmbH

NANODUR® Compound 5941

Brochure for NANODUR® Compound 5941 by Dyckerhoff GmbH

NANODUR® Export Instructions

Terms and conditions for export  of NANODUR® Compound 5941 by Dyckerhoff GmbH

Cement International Issue 1/2018 and 5/2018

‘Nanotechnically optimized binders for the production of user-friendly high-performance concrete’ written by a team from Dyckerhoff GmbH