Durfill Casting Compound

Hybrid Constructions

Welded sheet steel constructions or machine beds made of cast iron filled with durfill become hybrid or sandwich-constructions. Machine components are stiffened in this way and the eigen­frequency selectively influenced. Damping is noticeably increased and the oscillation amplitudes accordingly reduced and sound emission minimized. In addition, thermal inertia is increased and less thermal growth generated. Subsequent precision machining and erection work are carried out on familiar materials and surfaces.

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Cast System Durfill

Durfill is a system for filling machine components with cement-bound casting compound. The dry concrete, simply mixed with water, results in a high strength self-compacting and self-venting casting compound. The material is available in paper bags, as well as bulk goods. Large quantities can be economically transported in silo trucks and placed in intermediate storage. The fresh  liquid compound is quickly pumped into the components without generating much dirt and with little direct labor input. Doing so, a performance up to 100 liters per minute is possible.


Advantage Durfill

Users of durfill can draw on recognized calculations and design methods, such as Eurocode 4. The liquid casting compound requires no vibration and is self-compacting. The material is non-combustible. The hydraulically setting material can be cleaned with water, brush and steam-jet cleaner.



One special feature of durfill is its pumpability. This allows for cost-efficient and low-wage decentralized processing in welding facilities, foundries and precision machining shops. It simplifies logistics and saves transport costs. Mixing units are placed outside and the fluid material is pumped to the components inside.

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Durfill is a ready dry mixture, only water has to be added. No special mixing equipment is required. Durfill results in less performance than Nanodur-Concrete and the material price is about twice as high. You can find a dealer selling small amounts for Do-It-Yourself purposes at ‘where to buy’.