durfill light


Movable components such as portals should be lightweight, so that guidance systems, actuators and energy consumption are designed economical and the machine remains dynamic. The super-light casting compound ‘durfill light’ stiffens lightweight constructions, dampens vibrations and reduces noise emissions. Natural frequencies and characteristic shapes are influenced insignificantly.

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Structural Behaviour

The cement-based, mineral, dry powder mixture is mixed with water and results in a pumpable, sprayable mass with a pore proportion of 75%. If the stiffness and mass of the machine component should be increased and the filling compound should participate in the load path, durfill light is not suitable. For this purpose we recommend the product durfill.

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Technical Data

Attribute durfill light
Compressive strength fcm 0.4 – 2.5 Mpa
Dynamic modulus of elasticity E 300 Mpa
Density of dry, hardened concrete ρc 250 – 290 kg/m³


Cast System durfill light

The material is very dusty. For reasons of operational safety, it can only be processed in closed systems e.g. silo trucks and silo towers. Paper bags are not available. For export, a delivery in big bags is planned in the medium term. Durfill light may only be used with specially adapted mixing technology in order to prevent damages to the lightweight aggregates during processing. We will assist in implementing the processing technology into your plant.

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