Examples Durfill Casting Compound

Examples for grouting steel components with the casting compound durfill.

How to Order the Do It Yourself Material

Durfill is a simple and quick solution. So we have a lot of clients all over Europe, which use this high strength grout for filling their machine components. Without additional dealers, we export the material in full palettes including the required delivery directly to your company. You may order durfill directly at durcrete, a full palette is 35 paper bags with 40kg each, in total 1.4 tons.

For testing purpose, you can buy durfill in single bags with 25 kg directly at this online-shop: www.moertelshop.com

Durfill light can only be processed in closed systems e.g. silo trucks and silo towers. Paper bags are not available. You can buy the sound reducing, dampening grout only at durcrete GmbH. We will assist in implementing the processing technology into your plant and offer you material as well as transport in silo trucks.

Ask us for a list of companies (also from neighboring EU countries), which offer complete constructions with durfill. These companies weld the steel construction, fill in durfill, carry out the precision machining and coat the finished component.