Examples Machine Elements

Delta-Tech Group, Hungary

Delta-Tech from Hungary required a stiff and vibration-damping machine bed for a special milling machine. The unique bed was made of NANODUR® UHPC, which was the best economic and technical solution. Steel rails and plates have been embedded for the subsequent precision works up to 0.01mm. The delivery period including form construction, coating and precision works was 11 weeks. More information about Delta-Tech see www.deltatech.hu.

Homag Group BMG 500

The milling machine for the wood processing industry is offered to the customers both with a bed made of Ultra High Performance Concrete with the special dampening recipe “SorbTech” and as welded steel construction. A You-Tube Video from Homag-Channels illustrates symbolically the damping effect of machine beds of that kind: Link to Video and link to Homag-Group Info about Homag. The beds are produced in a combi-mould with different lengths and widths.

Table for Testing Machine

Strama-MPS is a German producer for special machines and equipment. This 3.5m x 3.5m wide and about 14 tons heavy basic table is made of NANODUR® UHPC. It is stabil even when hot media is permanently applied. Particual challenges were the precision machining of the stainless steel embedded parts as well as the transport by use of special low-loader trucks. Link to Strama-MPS: www.strama-mps.de.


Polytec Inc. is the market leader for non-contact laser based vibration and velocity measurement instrumentation. The UHPC-pillar has a high of about 1m and has a precision of 0.1mm directly out of the form -without further precision works. The double curved surfaces are coated. More details see www.polytec.de.

Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH

The German company Sudholt-Wasemann GmbH is the leading precast plant specializing in the manufacture of machine components made with high strength NANODUR® concrete. The innovative concrete plant is awarded in 2012 by the Central Innovation Program of Medium-sized Industry (ZIM) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology. The example shows a machine bed for a grinding machine Type ‘Buetfering’ by Weeke GmbH. More information at www.Sudholt-Wasemann.de.


Since 1984, this concrete beds of the former Boehringer GmbH, today MAG-IAS, are installed as a base for machines. They are used for new orders and in the context of retrofitting. The steel parts of the machine are glued to the concrete surface without mechanical connections. We are proud that we currently receive production orders for this in cementitious mineral cast in a variety of different sizes. More information at www.mag-ias.com.

Hueck Engraving

For the retrofit of a continous loop gring machine a machine bed was produced with UHPC mineralcast. The weight is over 45 tons, the length is 10 m. Durcrete was responsible for the design, the production of the rough body, the precision milling works and the special transports. More infos about the application see www.hueck-engraving.com.

Maschinenbett Bandschleifanlage

Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co. Ltd., China

The Chinese machine tool manufacturer develops a Gantry-Machine in bridge construction with a movable crossbar. The fixed supports of the prototype with a weight more than 20 tons each were manufactured in Germany and shipped to China.

CEIT-IK4 Research Laboratory

CEIT-IK4 is a spanish reserach alliance with the University of Navarra. The institute needs a test bench with a natural frequency of 1,000 Hz. High speed tests up to 60,000 round per minutes will be performed . The test bench was manufactured with the new material E80. The stiffness is the same as a massive block of aluminium. The working table with T-nuts is made of stainless steel. Link to CEIT-IK4: www.ceit.es.

test bench with natural frequency 1.000 Hz

FPT Robotik, Amtzell

The standardized robot cell Subito Connect combines one or more machine tools and integrates any required periphery. The base frame of the cell is made of UHPC. The body was poured in one piece, the complete arrangement of the wiring is done inside the mineral cast. Link to FPT: www.fpt.de.