Machine Beds with NANODUR®-UHPC

Advantages of Solid Beds

Solid machine beds and frames are required, where high precision achieved at high processing speed is demanded. Mineral castings, polymer concrete and granite, due to their high damping properties, are the preferred materials for use with high-quality drilling, turning and grinding machines. The development of high-tech concretes, optimized with binders in the nano range, enables simple manufacture of machine components of that kind with cement-bound concretes on a purely mineral basis.

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Freedom of Design

The material can be cast in any desired form. Embedded steel parts, threaded sleeves, anchor rails, conduits, cable, and hydraulic lines are positioned in the formwork. The concrete can be dyed throughout, filled in, coated or glued. Cover plates or dowels made of steel can also be subsequently placed in the formwork. To increase the tensile strength, the components are pretensioned with cables, depending on the application. The company logo can be embossed in the concrete by means of a template.



The basic constituents of NANODUR® UHPC are the special binder NANODUR® Compound 5941 from Dyckerhoff GmbH, chips, sand, and water. Our concretes, depending on the application, are free from plastics, fibers and reinforcement. Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) can be specifically adjusted to your requirements (strength, ductility, density, modulus of elasticity).



The self-compacting casting compounds are mixed with water, filled into forms and processed without compaction. They harden without the addition of energy. Solvents are not required and the concrete can be recycled without problem. The low energy that is needed and the low CO2 loading makes for a more environmentally friendly production than is the case with steel and reaction resin concrete.

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Molds and Forms

The formwork used for the manufacture of 1 to 3 prototypes are simple wooden forms. For producing up to 200 castings, steel frames planked with plastics panels are needed. The cut-outs and hollow bodies are made with resilient elastomeric cores. Steel forms are used only for the production of very high series and where especially exacting precision of the outer geometries is required.


Precisions Works

With precision formwork, surface tolerances in the 1/10 mm range are possible. Higher precision with planeness in the μm range, requires a subsequent processing step. Precision processing can be applied by grinding and lapping; the material is suitable for use with air bearings. Alternatively, cast steel bars and dummy plugs are milled and drilled in a metal processing center.

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Embedded Parts

Threaded sleeves of different kind, embedded steel plates, food bearings, transportation anchors, plastic pipes, earting cables, compressed air connections and so on, can be emebbeded into the concrete.



All machine components made of UHPC are tested for quality. The documentation of the cementitious mineral cast is done in coordination with the quality assurance manager of the client.

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Hydro- and oleophobation, paint coats based on PU or epoxy resin or a gel coat bonded to the concrete are available for protection from pollution.



To produce Nanodur-Concrete you need the following components: Binder Nanodur-Compound 5941 of Dyckerhoff GmbH, special aggregates, chemical admixtures, and a professionel mixing plant. It is not a Do-It-Yourself material. Investment in equipment, quality mold making and experience are required for a successful operation. You can find a dealer selling small amounts for testing purposes at ‘where to buy’.