durcrete® UHPC-Additive

For the simple production of Ultra High Performance Concrete. Enhances the strength, density and durability of precast elements, ready mix concrete, dry mortar products and GFRC panels. Substitue for silica fume.
UHPC-Additiv Pic

Avantages UHPC-Additive

  • pozzolanic, ultra-fine cement powder
  • substitutes silica fume and metakaoline at a significantly lower dosage
  • enhances density, durability and especially flexural strength
  • concrete remains pumpable
  • mixture is not sticky or stiffened, standard mixers are adequate
  • no heat curing necessary
  • classified as cement CEM III/C 52,5 N acc. to standard EN 197-1 tested by VDZ, journal No. 414/01a March 27th 2020
  • in the calculation of the w/c-value and the dosage of additives, the material may concerned as cement
  • controlled quality, made in Germany

Characteristics UHPC-Additive

  • Powder, colour grey
  • Density: 2.95 kg/dm³
  • Medium particle size: d50 ≤ 3.5 µm
  • Dosage: approx. 10 % of the cement weight, recommended 80 kg/m³
  • Shelf Life: 6 months
  • Humidity: Protect from humidity, by nature the material reacts with water and will loose effectiveness
  • Working safety: same precautions required as with cement
  • VOC-content = 0%

Example Wind Tower

Wind Tower made with UHPC

Illustrative Recipes

Ingredient Standard Mix with UHPC Additive Standard Mix with Silica fume UHPC Mix with slag cement
Portland cement CEM I 52.5 R 770 kg/m3 700 kg/m3
Slag cement CEM III/A 52.5 R (Variodur 40) 900 kg/m3
durcrete® UHPC-Additive 80 kg/m3 80 kg/m3
Silica fume 150 kg/m3
Total binder content 850 kg/m3 850 kg/m3 980 kg/m3
Quartz sand 0.063 to 0,25 mm 1,150 kg/m3
Quartz sand 0 to 2mm 413 kg/m3 413 kg/m3
Basalt chips 2 to 5 mm 1,119 kg/m3 1,119 kg/m3
Micro steel fibers, 13mm/0.16mm 200 kg/m3
PCE superplastizicer 17 kg/m3 17 kg/m3 22 kg/m3
Water to be added 179 kg/m3 179 kg/m3 196 kg/m3
w/c value (invl. water from PCE) 0.21 0.21 0.20
Slump with compaction acc. to EN 12350-5 500 mm 545 mm 510 mm
Hardened concrete properties after 28 days
storage under water, no heat treatment
Compressive strength cylinder ∅150mm/300mm 127 MPa 130 MPa 157 MPa
Flexural strength prism
40x40x160mm3 3-point bending
20.8 MPa 18.6 MPa
Flexural strength beam
40x100x500mm3 4-point bending
similar to Swiss Code SIA 2052
22.3 MPa
Young’s modulus cylinder ∅150mm/300mm 45,350 MPa 45,400 MPa 46,800 MPa

Sources of supply

Worldwide delivery, application support and general consulting by durcrete GmbH only, there are no local dealers. Development of recipes, mixing demonstrations, sample testing, mock ups etc. by special offer only.

Distribution by durcrete GmbH, contact via e-mail: info@durcete.de


  • Big Bag with about 1 to 1.5 ton
  • 25 kg paper bags, sold in entire one way pallets,
    carrying 40 bags (i.e. 1.0 metric ton per EUR pallet) for truck transport
    carrying 45 bags (i.e. 1.125 metric ton per GMA/USA pallet) for 20′ container transport
  • minimum order size: 1 Big Bag or 1 pallet

Samples: circa 20 kg in plastic bucket is free-of-charge

  • transport either organized by the client
  • or via air freight, shipped by durcrete, paid by client

Safety data sheet: available on request
Import procedure: HS code 252390 ‚other cements‘

Pricelist and delivery terms UHPC-Additive

You may download the pricelist UHPC-Additive Pricelist
You may download the brochure UHPC-Additive Brochure

Ready Mix Concrete

durcrete UHPC-Additive is an innovative puzzolanic, mineral concrete additive. The grey powder substitutes silica fume and metakaoline. The concrete additive is classified as cement, produced in Germany and is delivered with controlled quality. A safe and simple solution.