Video: durfill® Production und Applications

duration: 3min 13sec, English/German with sound effects

The casting compound durfill made of UHPC or Ultra High Performance Concrete upgrades cast iron or welded steel sheet structures in the machinery industry; vibrations are damped and the heat response is minimized. The video shows the mixing and pumping into a steel frame. The self-compacting, robust flowing filler-concrete durfill is a product developed by the UHPC company durcrete. The video shows a close-up of the deaeration of the self-compacting concrete. The pumping process saves direct labor costs. Cleaning is done with water.


Video: Mixing Instruction durfill® flowing filler-concrete

duration: 3 min, English/German, silent film

Mixing instruction for the flowing filler-concrete durfill, a ready-to-use High Performance Concrete (HPC) for machine builders. The handling and mixing is quite simple and is shown step by step.


Video: Vibration Damping of Materials

duration: 3 min, English with sound effects

This video demonstrates the effect of vibration damping using chime rods. You will hear the difference.


Video: Optimizing of particle-size distribution in Cement and UHPC

Dauer: 1.5 min, Englisch silent film

The video vividly and instructively shows the importance of the grading curve for achieving a dense package using a mixture of table tennis balls and testing sand.

Video: Production of UHPC-Elements

duration: 6 min, English, silent film

The durcrete video describes the production of high-strength concrete components in the precast concrete production plant of Sudholt-Wasemann in Germany. The ingredients, mixing, prestressing, pouring and the flow of the self-compacting concrete is shown in detail. High quality surfaces are visualized. The concrete is based on the special binder NANODUR® from Dyckerhoff GmbH. It is easy to handle and does not segregate. The self-leveling flow and the deaeration of the material can be seen in the video.


Video: Mixing Instruction NANODUR®-Concrete

duration: 6 min, English, silent film

The video shows, step by step, how to mix a 1-liter test mixture of NANODUR® UHPC in the laboratory. No extensive mixer is necessary, but the batching time is about 12 to 15 minutes.


Video: NANODUR®-UHPC in a rotary-drum-mixer

duration: 3 min, English/German, silent film

The video shows a UHPC-mix using a simple rotary drum mixer. The working steps and the self-compacting fresh concrete are presented.



videos in German and English.

Here you find our durcrete-channel at YouTube. Main topic are applications as a cement bound mineral cast in machinery business.