Video: durfill® Production und Applications

duration: 3min 13sec, English/German with sound effects

The casting compound durfill made of UHPC or Ultra High Performance Concrete upgrades cast iron or welded steel sheet structures in the machinery industry; vibrations are damped and the heat response is minimized. The video shows the mixing and pumping into a steel frame. The self-compacting, robust flowing filler-concrete durfill is a product developed by the UHPC company durcrete. The video shows a close-up of the deaeration of the self-compacting concrete. The pumping process saves direct labor costs. Cleaning is done with water.


Video: Mixing Instruction durfill® flowing filler-concrete

duration: 3 min, English/German, silent film

Mixing instruction for the flowing filler-concrete durfill, a ready-to-use High Performance Concrete (HPC) for machine builders. The handling and mixing is quite simple and is shown step by step.


Video: Vibration Damping of Materials

duration: 3 min, English with sound effects

This video demonstrates the effect of vibration damping using chime rods. You will hear the difference.


Video: Optimizing of particle-size distribution in Cement and UHPC

Dauer: 1.5 min, Englisch silent film

The video vividly and instructively shows the importance of the grading curve for achieving a dense package using a mixture of table tennis balls and testing sand.

Video: Production of UHPC-Elements

duration: 6 min, English, silent film

The durcrete video describes the production of high-strength concrete components in the precast concrete production plant of Sudholt-Wasemann in Germany. The ingredients, mixing, prestressing, pouring and the flow of the self-compacting concrete is shown in detail. High quality surfaces are visualized. The concrete is based on the special binder NANODUR® from Dyckerhoff GmbH. It is easy to handle and does not segregate. The self-leveling flow and the deaeration of the material can be seen in the video.


Video: Mixing Instruction NANODUR®-Concrete

duration: 6 min, English, silent film

The video shows, step by step, how to mix a 1-liter test mixture of NANODUR® UHPC in the laboratory. No extensive mixer is necessary, but the batching time is about 12 to 15 minutes.


Video: NANODUR®-UHPC in a rotary-drum-mixer

duration: 3 min, English/German, silent film

The video shows a UHPC-mix using a simple rotary drum mixer. The working steps and the self-compacting fresh concrete are presented.



videos in German and English.

Here you find our durcrete-channel at YouTube. Main topic are applications as a cement bound mineral cast in machinery business.

Youtube-Channel durcrete

An informative video by Sebastian End shows how to make a do-it-yourself machine bed for a CNC milling machine. The quality of the mold making, the mixing process and the behaviour of the concrete is very well recognizable.

Construction of mould and puring by Sebastan End
Demoulding – Unboxing by Sebastian End